DMPQ- What is a digital signature?

Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital Signature are being adopted by various government agencies and now is a statutory requirement in various applications.   There are different class of certificates to help organization and individuals secure online transactions with legal validity as per the Indian IT Act, 2000. A digital signature is a mathematical … Read more

DMPQ- Dargaon Fly mission:

NASA had announced that it will launch a space probe called Dragonfly on an ambitious mission to Saturn’s moon Titan. It will be launched in 2026 and arrive in 2034.  It will mark the first time that NASA will fly a multi-rotor vehicle for science on another planet. It will be having eight rotors and … Read more

DMPQ- Write a short note on endocrine system.( Science)

The endocrine system is made up of the endocrine glands that secrete hormones. Although there are eight major endocrine glands scattered throughout the body, they are still considered to be one system because they have similar functions, similar mechanisms of influence, and many important interrelationships.   Glands Feature   Pituitary Gland It is the endocrine … Read more

DMPQ-What is dry sorbent Injection Technique.

It is a pollution control system for the reduction of Sox (SO2, SO3), HCl and heavy metals like mercury. It is a dry process in which a sorbent (a material used to absorb or adsorb liquids or gases) is injected into the coal-fired boiler where it interacts with various like SOx, HCl and the resultant … Read more

DMPQ- What is carbon date and How they are useful?

Carbon dots are fluorescent nanoparticles that show similar physical and optical properties to the well-known semiconductor quantum dots. However, the building block of carbon dots is made primarily out of carbon, with some doped heteroatoms, creating a nanoparticle that is more biocompatible and less toxic compared with the quantum dots that commonly contain heavy metals. … Read more

DMPQ- Agent Smith was recently in the news. What is Agent smith?

Agent Smith is a mobile malware which has infected approximately 25 million smartphones across the world out of which 15 million devices are estimated to be from India. It accesses the smartphone’s resources to show fraudulent ads for financial gains, however, it could be easily used for much more intrusive and harmful purposes like theft … Read more

DMPQ- Antibiotic resistance is accelerated by the misuse and overuse of antibiotics, as well as poor infection prevention and control. Suggest ways to prevent the rise of antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance is accelerated by the misuse and overuse of antibiotics, as well as poor infection prevention and control. Steps can be taken at all levels of society to reduce the impact and limit the spread of resistance. To prevent and control the spread of antibiotic resistance, individuals can: Only use antibiotics when prescribed by … Read more

DMPQ-CNTs have unique thermal and mechanical properties that make them intriguing for the development of new materials. Discuss

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are cylindrical molecules that consist of rolled-up sheets of single-layer carbon atoms (graphene). They can be single-walled (SWCNT) with a diameter of less than 1 nanometer (nm) or multi-walled (MWCNT), consisting of several concentrically interlinked nanotubes, with diameters reaching more than 100 nm. Their length can reach several micrometers or even millimeters. … Read more

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