Regional languages of uttar pradesh

Regional languages of uttar pradesh

Khari boli dialect

Khariboli, also known as Kauravi or Delhavi, was a language variety that developed as the prestige dialect of Hindustani, of which Standard Hindi and Standard Urdu are standard registers and literary styles, which are the principal official languages of India and Pakistan respectively. The term “Khariboli” has, however, been used for any literary dialect, including Braj Bhasa, and Awadhi. As a base for the medieval Hindustani language, Khariboli is a part of the Western group of the Central Zone (Hindi Zone) of Indo-Aryan languages. It is spoken mainly in India in the rural area surrounding Delhi, Western Uttar Pradesh, and southern Uttarakhand.

Kannauji language

Kannauji language is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in parts of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Kannauji is closely related to Hindustani. Some consider it to be a dialect of Hindustani, whereas others consider it a separate Western Hindi language.  Kannauji has about 6 million speakers.

Kannauji shares many structural and functional differences from other dialects of Hindi, but in the Linguistic Survey of India it has been added as a variant of Vraj and Avadhi. Kannauji has two dialects or variants of its own: Tirhari and Transitional Kannauji, which is between standard Kannauji and Awadhi.


Bagheli language

Bagheli  is an Central Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Baghelkhand region of    central India.

Awadhi language

Awadhi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about 38 million people mainly in the Awadh, region of Uttar Pradesh in India, and also in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Nepal and Mauritius. It is closely related to Hindi and is considered by many as an Eastern dialect of Hindi.

Awadhi is usually written with the Devanagari alphabet, or with the Kaithi alphabet, or with a mixture of the two. It was first appeared in writing during the 12th century in the work of Damodara Pandita.

Bhojpuri language

Bhojpuri is an Indo-Aryan Language spoken by 150 million people in and around North-Central and Eastern India. It is also spoken in Fiji, Mauritius, Trinidad, Suriname and Guyana. The language of Bhojpuri is not a separate language but a dialect of Hindi and part of the other Bihari languages like Maithili and Magadhi. They are part of the Eastern Zone group of Indo-Aryan languages which includes Bengali and Oriya.

Bundeli language

Bundeli, is a Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Bundelkhand region of central India. It belongs to the Central Indo-Ayran languages and is part of the Western Hindi subgroup.

A descendant of the Sauraseni Apabhramsha language, Bundeli was classified under Western Hindi by George Abraham Grierson in his Linguistic Survey of India. Bundeli is also closely related to Braj Bhasha, which was the foremost literary language in central India until the nineteenth century.  Like many other Indo-Aryan languages, Bundeli has often been subject to a designation as a dialect, instead of a language. Furthermore, as is the case with other Hindi languages, Bundeli speakers have been conflated with those of Standard Hindi in censuses.

Braj Bhasha

Braj Bhasha language, also spelled Braj Bhasa, Braj Bhakha, or Brij Bhasa, language descended from Shauraseni Prakrit and commonly viewed as a western dialect of Hindi. It is spoken by some 575,000 people, primarily in India. Its purest forms are spoken in the cities of Mathura, Agra, Etah, and Aligarh.  Most speakers of Braj Bhasha worship the Hindu deity Krishna. Their bhakti (“devotion”) finds expression in the language, which has a very firm base in folk literature and songs. Almost all of the enactments of episodes from Krishna’s life that are performed during the Janmashtami festival (celebrating Krishna’s birth) are presented in Braj Bhasha.

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