DMPQ-Write a short note on United convention on laws of sea.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) is an international treaty which was adopted and signed in 1982. It replaced the four Geneva Conventions of April, 1958, which respectively concerned the territorial sea and the contiguous zone, the continental shelf, the high seas, fishing and conservation of living resources on the … Read more

DMPQ-Discuss the issue of south china sea and its importance.

The South China Sea (SCS) is important not just to its littoral countries. It has been a transit point for trade since early medieval times, contains abundantly rich fisheries , and is a repository of mineral deposits and hydrocarbon reserves. Dispute: It is all about China’s claim of all south China sea as its territory. … Read more

DMPQ-Globalisation has affected our social institutions and family is one of therm. What are the effects of Globalisation on Indian Joint family.

Traditionally, in India, the basic unit of society was not individual but the joint family. Ever since independence, Indian Society has undergone and continues to undergo great change in every walk of life. By enacting number of laws an attempt is made to change social, working and living conditions of people. The impact of globalisation … Read more

DMPQ-What were the steps taken by South Korea to control COVID-19?

Measures taken are as follows: Start of screening even before China reported 1st It took earlier measures by sealing its borders and hence cutting transmission line. They went after all suspect cases by testing all kinds of influenza. Timely payment of unemployment allowance to ensure people remain quarantine. Public health response was quick and high … Read more

DMPQ- AwaRe Initiative.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a global campaign that urges countries to adopt its new online tool known as ‘AWaRe’.  The tool is aimed at guiding policy-makers and health workers to use antibiotics safely and more effectively. It’s another objective is to limit drugs that are at risk of resistance.  The tool ‘AWaRe’ … Read more

DMPQ- BEPS Project.

Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project (BEPS Project) is an OECD/G20 project to set up an international framework to combat tax avoidance by multinational enterprises (“MNEs”) using base erosion and profit shifting tools. It refers to tax planning strategies that exploit gaps and mismatches in tax rules to artificially shift profits to low or no … Read more


The Group of Seven (G7) is an international intergovernmental economic organization consisting of the seven largest IMF- described advanced economies in the world. The G7, originally G8, was set up in 1975 as an informal forum bringing together the leaders of the world’s leading industrial nations. The summit gathers leaders from the European Union (EU) … Read more

DMPQ- What is RAmanujan Machine?

Scientists from Technion — Israel Institute of Technology have developed a concept they have named the Ramanujan Machine, after the Indian mathematician. It is not really a machine but an algorithm and performs a very unconventional function. It is a device that automatically generates conjectures (mathematical statements that are proposed as true statements) for fundamental … Read more

DMPQ- India enjoys an important position in the global pharmaceuticals sector. Discuss this statement and also mention the steps taken by Government of India to Promote Pharmaceuticals Industry.

India enjoys an important position in the global pharmaceuticals sector. It is the largest provider of generic medicines globally, occupying a 20% share in global supply by volume, and also supplies 50% of global demand for vaccines the largest in the world. India ranks 3rd worldwide for production by volume and 13th by value, thereby … Read more

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