Optional Subjects

FAQs on Optional Subjects of Uttar Pradesh:

How many optional subjects do I need to choose for the UPPSC Mains exam?

You need to choose one optional subject for the UPPSC Mains exam.

What are the available optional subjects for the UPPSC exam?

The UPPSC offers a wide range of optional subjects, including:

  • Literature Subjects: Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Pali, Arabic, Persian
  • Social Sciences: History, Geography, Political Science & International Relations, Public Administration, Sociology, Anthropology
  • Science Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Statistics, Geology
  • Commerce Subjects: Commerce and Accountancy, Management
  • Agriculture Subjects: Agriculture
  • Others: Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Law, Philosophy, Psychology, Medical Science

Can I choose an optional subject different from my graduation degree?

Yes, you can choose an optional subject different from your graduation degree. There is no restriction on choosing an optional subject based on your academic background.

Which optional subject is the easiest to score in the UPPSC exam?

There is no one “easiest” optional subject as the difficulty level varies depending on individual strengths and preferences. Choose a subject that you are passionate about and have a strong grasp of.

What factors should I consider while choosing an optional subject?

Consider the following factors:

  • Your interest and academic background in the subject
  • Availability of study material and coaching
  • The subject’s syllabus and the previous year’s question papers
  • The scoring trend of the subject in previous years

Can I change my optional subject after filling out the application form?

A6. Generally, it is not possible to change the optional subject after submitting the application form. However, in some rare cases, the UPPSC may allow changes under specific circumstances.

Are there any optional subjects that are not recommended for the UPPSC exam?

There are no specific subjects that are not recommended. However, some subjects may have a vast syllabus or limited study material, which can make them more challenging.

How important is the optional subject in the UPPSC Mains exam?

The optional subject carries significant weightage in the UPPSC Mains exam. It comprises two papers (Paper VI and Paper VII), each carrying 250 marks, for a total of 500 marks.