Architecture of uttar pradesh

Architecture of uttar pradesh Uttar Pradesh is blessed with the flow of the waters of the holiest of India’s rivers-The Ganges. The region also witnessed the flourishing of the ancient Indo-Aryan civilization, from which rose a stream of powerful kingdoms and empires – Koshala, Kashi, Malla, Vatsa, Panchala and Chedi Mahajanpadas. In Medieval Periods it … Read more Architecture of uttar pradesh

Literature of uttar pradesh

Literature of uttar pradesh Uttar Pradesh has had a long history of language and literature. The sheer variety and richness of the astonishing contribution of literary figures from Uttar Pradesh dates back to the ancient days. It was the setting of Hinduism’s twin Sanskrit epics, Ramayana and the Mahabharata This is the land of Kabir, Tulsidas, Surdas and Keshavdas. There were other luminaries … Read more Literature of uttar pradesh

Tourism in Uttar Pradesh

Tourism in Uttar Pradesh Embedded in the heart of India is Uttar Pradesh, a land where cultures have evolved and religions emerge. The greatness of Uttar Pradesh lies not only in this confluence, but also in the emergence of cultural and religious traditions along some of the greatest rivers in the Indian sub-continent – the … Read more Tourism in Uttar Pradesh

PRESS & MAGAZINES of Uttar Pradesh

    Major newspapers of Uttar Pradesh Newspaper Name City Language Agra News Agra Hindi Amar Ujala Meerut Hindi Dainik Jagran Kanpur Hindi DLA Agra Hindi & English Lashkar Lucknow Urdu Rashtriyasahara Noida Hindi Sahara Samay Lucknow Hindi